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Keynote Speaker

Christian Uva is Associate Professor of Cinema, Photography and Television at Roma Tre University. He has published at length on the relationship between Italian cinema, history, and politics, as well as on the image in the age of digital production. Among his publications are Schermi di piombo. Il terrorismo nel cinema italiano (2007), Cinema digitale (2012), L'immagine politica (2015), and Il sistema Pixar (2017).


Call for Papers

Call for Papers

Italian Diaspora and the Representation(s) of Italian Americans

Date: June 27-30, 2024

Where: Georgetown University Villa Le Balze, Fiesole, Italy

Submission Deadline Extended to March 24, 2024

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This year’s Italian American Studies Association’s international symposium theme explores the Italian Diaspora and the representation of Italian Americans in film, literature, and various media forms. As part of such a multidimensional field, Italian Americanness and Italian Diasporic identities should be approached more broadly, considering the complexity of the variegated frameworks to which they belong. Hence, the 2024 IASA symposium encourages proposals in one or more of the following categories.

  • The Portrayal of Italian Americans on the Page, Screen, Stage
  • Italian American Values in Transnational Context
  • The Urban Experience of Italian Americans and Other Diasporic Italians
  • Italian Heritage and Cultural Change
  • Italian American Identity Politics
  • Theorizing the Italian Diaspora
  • Italian American Studies Today
  • The Conflicts of Immigration Past and Present Migrations
  • Diversity in Italian American Studies
  • Race, Gender, and Sex in Uncertain Times
  • Celebrating/revisiting anniversaries of numerous texts: The Godfather Part II (1974); Happy Days (1974-1984); The Sopranos (1999-2007); Do the Right Thing (1989); Once Upon a Time in America (1984); Italianamerican (1974); True Love (1989); Louise DeSalvo’s On Moving (1999) and The Art of Slow Writing (2014); Maria Mazziotti Gillan’s Things My Mother Told Me (1999); Mario Puzo’s The Godfather (1969) and The Sicilian (1984).

The Symposium Committee welcomes proposals from scholars from any discipline, inter-discipline, or scholarly field, including creative artists (filmmakers, artists, writers) within and outside the university. We will consider proposals that complement this year’s theme. We prefer fully formed sessions, although we encourage prospective participants to submit individual presentations. The preferred language of the symposium is English; however, presentations may be in English or Italian.

Proposals should include a 250-word abstract for each paper and a 75-word bio for each participant, including chairs and respondents, and for all participants in a proposed panel. Each participant’s name, affiliation, email, and preferred address should be listed. Please indicate if the presenter/panel requires AV equipment (each room has a computer, a projector, and speakers). The Symposium Committee will send an email notification of acceptance for individual abstracts or proposed panels through Submittable by Sunday, March 24, 2024.

Guidelines for proposals:

All sessions will be 75 minutes, and we will ask presenters to limit their remarks to 15-20 minutes each for ample time for Q&A and discussion. Proposals may take one of three forms.

  • Individual presentation, paper, or talk
  • A complete panel session, round table, or workshop featuring multiple presenters (we particularly encourage thematic groupings of presenters from diverse disciplinary fields or methodological approaches; see above for more information)
  • Performance, reading, or screening of creative work

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Hotels in Fiesole:
Villa Bonelli
Pensione Bencista

Hotels in Florence:
The Social Hub (TSH)


Transportation from Florence to Fiesole:

One bus (Bus #7) goes from Florence to Fiesole.

From downtown Fiesole to the Villa is a ten-minute walk downhill and an uphill walk on the return.

Small shuttles can accommodate six people and charge 50-60 Euros (split six ways are 10 Euros per person).

A taxi from Florence to Fiesole costs 30 Euros.