IASA Annual Conference Travel Grant

In an effort to defray some of the traveling costs for graduate students attending the Italian American Studies Association annual conference, the Association has set aside limited funds for student travel. (Please note: This is a separate application process from the Memorial Fellowship application guidelines. You may certainly apply for a fellowship and also travel funds if you choose; the awarding of the Fellowship and the decisions about travel grants are made separately.) The funds will be assigned by an Italian American Studies Association committee whose members are selected via the Executive Council. Travel grants are open to full-time graduate students at any level of study.

Please note: Qualifications, seniority, travel distance from conference location, previously assigned grant, and quality of application will be considered in decision making.

IASA would like to thank Alexandra de Luise for her generous support of adjuncts and graduate students through the Travel Grant. For those who would like to contribute and have their name added in recognition, please click on our Donation Campaigns.


Graduate students accepted to present a paper at the Italian American Studies Association conference for the year funds are being requested are eligible to apply. Graduate students in good standing in their own home institution's graduate program (i.e., fully enrolled, degree-seeking; work in a timely manner; no academic probation, etc.). Prior applicants are encouraged to resubmit previously non-funded applications. Students applying for the Memorial Fellowship are also eligible.



Please Upload the Following Documents: 

  1. Cover letter (in the body of your email message): including title of accepted paper; travel route; and grant amount requested as well as amount secured through other sources (department, college, etc.). Again, please remember to include amount of funding, if any, already secured.
  2. Copy of unofficial transcripts: (as proof of good standing). Please scan as a PDF document and send as an attachment.
  3. Proof of paper presentation on panel: Acceptance of your presentation via email from the IASA conference organizers is considered valid. Please forward that with your funding request.

For any questions about the application process, please contact:
Courtney Ruffner at webmaster@italianamericanstudies.net.

DEADLINE: Friday, August 25, 2021

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. Recipients of travel awards will be notified via email in early October. Please note: awarded funding will be sent in the form of a check by regular mail after the conclusion of the conference.

IASA Annual Conference Grant: Past Winners

2019: Ryan Antonucci, Alessandra Balzani, Brandon Bisby, Leslie Chavez, Emily Cota, Dario De Palma, Abigail Gonzalez, Anthony Mitzel, & Federico Tiberini

2018: Dario De Palma, Adam Giannelli, Giacomo Sproccati, & Anthony Mitzel

2017: Pietro Bacchia, Jessica Femiani, Cinzia Marongiu, & Jessica Whitehead

2016: Anthony Mitzel, Lisa Paolucci, Giacomo Sproccati, & Jessica Whitehead

2015: Ryan Antonucci, Anna Ciamparella, Anthony Mitzel, Lisa Paolucci, & Joseph Tumolo

2014: Pedro Cameselle, Anthony Mitzel, Taylor Papallo, & Valentina Sgro

2013: No Awards

2012: Nancy Caronia, Camilla Dubini, & Vera Lentini

2011: Stelios Christodoulos, Antonietta Di Pietro, Domenica Diraviam, Roxanne Pilot, & Victoria Spiering

2010: Fabio Pesaresi & JoAnne Ruvoli

2009: No Awards

2008: Danielle Battisti, Evelyn Ferraro, Stephen Fielding, Maddalena Marinari, Roxanne Pilot, JoAnne Ruvoli, & Carrie Ann Tocci