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2020 Titles

Brioni, Simone and Shirin Ramzanali Fazel. Scrivere di Islam. Raccontare la Diaspora. Venezia: Cà Foscari Edizioni, 2020.

Calabretta-Sajder, Ryan and Alan J. Gravano. Italian Americans on Screen: Challenging the Past, ReTheorizing the Future. Lexington.

2017 Titles

Gennari, John. Flavor and Soul: Italian America at Its African American Edge. U. of Chicago P. 

Krase, Jerome and Zdenek Uherek Eds.Diversity and Local Contexts: Urban Space, Borders and Migration. Palgrave. 


Misurella, Fred. A Summer of Good-byes.  Blue Triangle P.  "Ben Alto, his wife, Lee, and son, Misha, visit Roman Provence and encounter ghosts of the past."


Pardini, Samuele F. S. In the Name of the Mother: Italian Americans, African Americans, and Modernity from Booker T. Washington to Bruce Springsteen. Dartmouth P. 

Ruberto, L. & Sciorra, J. (2017).  New Italian Migrations to the United States Volume 1: Politics and History since 1945U of Illinois P. 

Ruberto, L. & Sciorra, J. (2017).  New Italian Migrations to the United States Volume 2: Art and Culture Since 1945U of Illinois P. 

2016 Titles

Bona, Mary Jo. Women Writing Cloth. 2016.


Hoffman, L. & Fehl, S. (2016). Journey of the wounded soul: Poetic companions for spiritual struggle. Colorado Springs, CO: University Professors Press. (6 poems by Dr. Lorriane Mangione are included in this volume).

Stahle, Patrizia Famà. The Italian Emigration of Modern Times: Relations between Italy and the United State Concerning Emigration Policy, Diplomacy and Anti-Immigrant Sentiment, 1870-1927. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.




2015 Titles


Barone, Dennis and Peter Covino, eds. Essays on Italian American Literature and Culture. Bordighera P, 2012.


Barone, Dennis. Beyond Memory: Italian Protestants in Italy and America (forthcoming SUNY P).

Barone, Dennis. Sound / Hammer. Quale Press, 2015.


Bona, Mary Jo. Women Writing Cloth: Migratory Fictions in the American Imaginary. Lexington Books. 


Covino, Peter. The Right Place to Jump. New Issues Poetry & Prose. 

Dicello, D., & Mangione, L. Daughters, dads, and the path through grief: Tales from Italian America.. Atascadero, CA: Impact Publishers/New Harbinger, 2015.

Fava Thomas, Teresa. The Reluctant Migrants: Migration from the Italian Veneto to Central Massachusetts. Teneo Press, 2015.

Guida, George. The Sleeping Gulf (Poems). WordTech Editions, 2015.

Guida, George. Pugilistic (Poems). WordTech Editions, 2015.

Guida, George. Spectacles of Themselves: Essays in Italian American Popular Culture and Literature. State U of New York P, 2015.

Mazzucchelli, Chiara. The Heart and the Island: A Critical Study of Sicilian American Literature. State U o f New York P, 2015.

Nicoletti, Joey. Reverse Graffiti. Bordighera, 2015.


Tamburri, Anthony Julian. Re-reading Italian Americana: Specificities and Generalities on Literature and Criticism. Fairleigh Dickinson UP.  

Sciorra, Joseph. Built with Faith: Italian American Imagination and Catholic Material Culture in New York City. U. Tennessee P, 2015. 

Briscese, Rosangela and Joseph Sciorra. Reframing Italian America: Historical Photographs and Immigrant Representations. John D. Calandra Italian-American Institute, 2015. 

2014 Titles

     Bona, Mary Jo. I Stop Waiting for You. 2014.

Buonanno, Michael. Sicilian Epic and the Marionette Theater. McFarland & Company.

Misurella, Fred. Arrangement in Black and White. Blue Triangle Press/Create Space, 2014.


LaFemina. Gerry. Little Heretic. Austin UP. 

Giunta, Edvige and Joseph Sciorra, eds. Embroidered Stories: Interpreting Women's Domestic Needlework from the Italian Diaspora. UP of Mississippi, 2014.  

2013 Titles

Guida, George. Letters from Suburbia: A Novel. The Sutton Press, 2013.


LaFemina,  Gerry. Notes for the Novice Ventriloquist. Mayapple P. 


Santalucia, Nicole. Driving Yourself to Jail in July. Arcadia, 2013.

2012 Titles

Barone, Dennis and Peter Covino, eds. Essays on Italian American Literature and Culture. Bordighera P, 2012.

Barone, Dennis, ed. Garnet Poems: An Anthology of Connecticut Poetry Since 1776. Wesleyan U P, 2012.

Barone, Dennis, ed. On the Bus: Selected Stories. Blaze Vox, 2012.


Covino, Peter. The Right Place to Jump. New Issues Poetry & Prose. 

Guida, George. The Pope Stories and Other Tales of Troubled Times. Bordighera P, 2012.

Krase, Jerome. Seeing Cities Change: Local Culture and Class. Aldershot, UK: Ashgate. 

Misurella, Fred. Only Sons. Bordighera, 2012.

Briscese, Rosangela and Joseph Sciorra, eds. Graces Received: Painted and Metal Ex-votos from Italy.  John D. Calandra Italian-American Institute, 2012. 

2011 Titles

Baldassaro, Lawrence. Beyond DiMaggio: Italian Americans in Baseball. U. of Nebraska P.  



Barone, Dennis America / Trattabili. Bordighera P, 2011.

Barone, Dennis, ed. Field Report. Quale P, 2011.

Barone, Dennis, ed. New Hungers for Old: One-Hundred Years of Italian American Poetry. Star Cloud Press, 2011

Barone, Dennis. Parallel Lines. Shearsman Books, 2011.

Casillo, Robert and John Paul Russo. The Italian in Modernity. U of Toronto P, 2011.

  LaFemina, Gerry. Vanishing Horizon. Anhinga P. 
  Tamburri, Anthony Julian. Re-viewing Italian Americana: Generalities and Specificities on Cinema. Bordighera P. 

2010 Titles

Barone, Dennis and Stefano Luconi, eds. Small Towns, Big Cities: The Urban Experience of Italian Americans. IASA, 2010.

Bengiveno, Terri Ann and John Paul Russo, eds. Italian Passages. AIHA, 2010.

     Bona, Mary Jo. By the Breath of Their Mouths. 2010.

Sciorra, Joseph, ed. Italian Folk: Vernacular Culture in Italian-American Lives.  Fordham UP, 2010. 

2009 Titles

Barone, Dennis and James Finnegan, eds. Visiting Wallace: Poems Inspired by the Life and Work of Wallace Stevens. U of Iowa P, 2009.


Bona, Mary Jo. By the Breath of Their Mouths: Narratives of Resistance in Italian America. SUNY P.  


Ganeri, Margherita and Julie Dashwood Eds. The Risorgimento of Federico De Roberto. Peter Lang. 

2008 Titles

Barone, Dennis. North Arrow. Quale P, 2008.

2006 Titles

Barone, Dennis, ed. Furnished Rooms by Emanuel Carnevali. Bordighera P, 2008.

Barone, Dennis Precise Machine. Quale, 2006.

     Bona, Mary Jo. Multiethnic. 2006

Gardaphé, Fred L. From Wiseguys to Wise Men: The Gangster and Italian American Masculinities. Routledge. 


Hendin, Josephine Gattuso. Heartbreakers: Women and Violence in Contemporary Culture and Literature. Palgrave Macmillan. 

2005 Titles

Barone, Dennis, ed. God's Whisper. Spuyten Duyvil, 2005.


Covino, Peter. Cut Off the Ears of Winter. New Issues of Poetry & Prose. 


Krase, Jerome, Phillip Cannistraro, and Joseph Scelsa Eds. Italian American Politics: Local, Global/Cultural, Personal. (Selected Essays, 31st Annual Conference, American Italian Historical Association, November 12-14, 1998. New York. 

Misurella, Fred. Lies to Live By. Bordighera, 2005.

Russo, John Paul The Future without a Past: The Humanities in a Technological Society. U of Missouri P, 2005.

2004 Titles

Barone, Dennis, ed. The Walls of Circumstance. Avec Books, 2004

Gardaphé, Fred L. Leaving Little Italy: Essaying Italian American Culture. SUNY P. 2003.  





2002 Titles

Baldassaro, Lawrence, Ed., with Richard A. Johnson. The American Game: Baseball and Ethnicity. Southern Illinois P.  





De Angelis, Rose, ed. Between Anthropology and Literature: Interdisciplinary Discourse. Routledge, 2002


Tamburri, Anthony Julian. Italian/American Short Films and Music Videos: A Semiotic Reading. Purdue UP. 

2000 Titles

Barone, Dennis. Temple of the Rat. Left Hand Books, 2000.




Krase, Jerome and Frank Sorrentino. The Review of Italian American Studies. Lexington Books.  





Earlier Titles

     Bona, Mary Jo. Claiming a Tradition: Italian American Women Writers. Southern Illinois UP, 1999.


Hendin, Josephine Gattuso. The Right Thing to Do. The Feminist P, 1999.

Barone, Dennis. Separate Objects. Left Hand Books, 1998.


Tamburri, Anthony Julian. A Semiotic of Ethnicity: In (Re)Congnition of the Italian/American Writer. SUNY P. 1998.

Barone, Dennis. Echoes. Potes & Poets P, 1997.


Gardaphé, Fred L. Dagoes Read: Tradition and the Italian/American Writer. Guernica. 1997.


LaFemina, Gerry. Shattered Hours. Red Dancefloor P, 1997.

Barone, Dennis. The Returns. Sun & Moon P, 1996


Gardaphé, Fred L. Italian Signs, American Streets: The Evolution of Italian American Narrative. Duke UP, 1996.

Misurella, Fred. Short Time. Bordighera, 1996.

Barone, Dennis, ed. Beyond the Red Notebook: Essays on Paul Auster. U of Pennsylvania P, 1995

Barone, Dennis. Abusing the Telephone. Drogue P, 1994.

Barone, Dennis and Peter Ganick, eds. The Art of Practice: 45 Contemporary Poets. Potes & Poets P, 1994.

     Bona, Mary Jo. The Voices We Carry. 2004.

Misurella, Fred. Understanding Milan Kundera: Public Events, Private Affairs. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 1993.


Krase, Jerome and Charles Lacerra. Ethnicity and Machine Politics: The Madison Club of Brooklyn. UP of America. 1992.


Tamburri, Anthony Julian. To Hyphenate or Not to Hyphenate?: The Italian/American Writer: An Other America. Guernica. 1991.

Russo, John Paul. I. A. Richards: His Life and Work. Johns Hopkins UP, 1989.

Barone, Dennis. Forms / Froms. Potes & Poets P, 1988.


Krase, Jerome. Self and Community in the City. UP of America. 1982. 


Hendin, Josephine Gattuso. Vulnerable People: A View of American Fiction since 1945. Oxford UP, 1978.

Russo, John Paul, ed. Complementarities: Uncollected Essays. Carcanet P, 1977.

Russo, John Paul. Alexander Pope: Tradition and Identity. Harvard UP, 1972.


Hendin, Josephine Gattuso. The World of Flannery O'Connor. Indiana UP, 1970.