Italian Americans in the Professions

Italian Americans in the Professions 
Remigio U. Pane, ed. 

Italian Americans in the Professions. Remigio U. Pane, ed. 1983. 290 pp. Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey. October 26-27, 1978. 

Table of Contents 

Preface by George E. Pozzetta, President, AIHA … p. v 
Introduction by Remigio U. Pane … p. vii 

Research on the Italian Americans: 
Accomplishments and Work to be Done … p. 1 
by Giovanni Schiavo 

The Making of an Italian American Poet … p. 9 
by Joseph Tusiani 

Professions and Faiths: Critical Choices 
in the Italian American Novel … p. 41 
by Robert Viscusi 

Contemporary Italian American Drama: 
A Study of Values & Metaphors 
in Gemini, Benno Blimpie & Cacciatore … p. 55 
by Carol Bonomo 

The Political Profession: Big City Italian American Mayors … p. 77 
by Salvatore J. LaGumina 

Americans of Italian Descent in the Judiciary of Pennsylvania … p. 111 
by Peter F. Pugliese 

Italian American Franciscans in Central America … p. 127 
by Leonard Bacigalupo 

Juvenal Marchisio: Distinguished Italian American Citizen … p. 143 
by Frank J. Cavaioli 

The Barricellis: Cleveland’s Foremost Italian Professional Family … p. 153 
by Alfonso F. d’Emilia 

Italian Americans and Affirmative Action: 
Admission to and Progress in the Academic Professions … p. 165 
by Francesco Cordasco 

Italian Americans and Medical Education: An Exploratory Study … p. 117 
by Rosanne Martorella 

Italian Americans in Physical Sciences and Engineering … p. 197 
by Nancy Torrieri 

Major Contributions to Microbiology 
by Italians in Italy and in America … p. 209 
by Otto J. Plescia 

Italian American in New Jersey Pharmacy … p. 215 
by John J. Colaizzi & Roy A. Bowers 

Italian Americans in Academia: The University of Connecticut. 
A Case Study … p. 223 
by Emiliana P. Noether 

Italian American Teachers: The Religious Teachers Filippini … p. 235 
by Margherita Marchione 

Education for Conformity: 
The Case of Sicilian American Women Professionals … p. 243 
by Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum 

The Ethnic Factor and Role Choices of Women: 
Ella Grasso and Midge Costanza 
Two Firsts for American Politics … p. 253 
by Vaneeta D’Andrea 

I Figurinai: Lucca Plaster Figurine Makers in USA … p. 265 
by Regina Soria 

The Value System of Southern Italian 
and Italian American Professionals … p. 275 
by Rocco Caporale 

Ideas for Italian American Research … p. 285 
by Peter Sammartino