The Italian Immigrant Woman in North America

The Italian Immigrant Woman in North America 
Betty Boyd Caroli, Robert F. Harney, and Lydio F. Tomasi, eds. 

10. 1977. The Italian Immigrant Woman in North America. Betty Boyd Caroli, Robert F. Harney, and Lydio F. Tomasi, eds. 1978. 386 pp. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. October 28-29, 1977. 

Table of Contents 

Preface by Luciano J. Iorizzo, President, AIHA ... p. Vlll 
Acknowledgements by Robert F. Harney, President, CIHA ... p. X 
Introduction by Berry Boyd Caroli, New York City ... p. xi 

PART I - Women in the Old Country 
1. The Silent Half: Le Contadine del Sud Before 
The First World War … p. 3 
by Emiliana P. Noether, University of Connecticut 

2. The Civil Code of 1865 and the Origins of the 
Feminist Movement in Italy … p. 14 
by Judith Jeffrey Howard, George Washington University 

3. Prostitution and Feminism in Late Nineteenth-Century Italy …p. 24 
by Mary Gibson, Grinnell College 

4. Women in the Canadian and Italian Trade Union 
Movements at the Turn of the Century: a Comparison … p. 32 
by Claire LaVigna, Erindale College, University of Toronto 

5. Forging a Socialist Women's Movement: 
Angelica Balabanoff in Switzerland … p. 44 
by Nancy G. Eshelman, Temple University 

PART II - Early Years in North America 
6. Men Without Women: Italian Migrants in Canada, 1885-1930 … p. 79 
by Robert F. Harney, University of Toronto 

7. The Settlement House and the Italian Family … p. 103 
by Richard N. Juliani, Villanova University 

8. Protestant Evangelism and the Italian Immigrant Woman … p. 124 
by Maxine S. Seller, State University of New York, Buffalo 

9. Immigrants and Craft Arts: Scuo1a d'Industrie Italiane … p. 138 
by George E. Pozzetta, University of Florida 

10. The Interaction Between Italian Immigrant Women and 
the Chicago Commons Settlement House, 1909-1944 … p. 154 
by Mary Ellen Mancina Batinich, Chicago Public Schools 

11. La Donna Italiana Durante II Periodo 
Fascista In Toronto, 1930-1940 … p. 168 
by Luigi Pautasso, Toronto 

PART III - The Italian American Women: 
Generations, Roles, and Attitudes 
12. Italian American Women and Their Daughters in Rhode Island: 
The Adolescence of Two Generations, 1900- 1950 … p. 191 
by Sharon Hartman Strom, University of Rhode Island 

13. Italian Mothers, American Daughters: 
Changes in Work and Family Roles … p. 206 
by Judith E. Smith, Brown University 

14. The Metonymic Definition of the Female and the Concept of Honour 
Among Italian Immigrant Families in Toronto … p. 222 
by Harriet Perry, Toronto 

15. The Maternal Role in the Contemporary 
Italian-American Family … p. 234 
by Colleen L. Johnson, University of California, San Francisco 

16. Italian-American Female College Students: 
A New Generation Connected to the Old … p. 246 
by Jerome Krase, Brooklyn College, City University of New York 

17. Women, Ethnicity, and Mental Health: 
The Italian Woman, Impressions and Observations … p. 252 
by Francesca Colecchia, Duquesne University 

18. Oral History in Pittsburgh - Women, Ethnicity, and Mental Health: 
Rationale, Procedure, and Methodology … p. 260 
by Corinne Azen Krause, University of Pittsburgh 

PART IV - Women, Kinship, and Networks of Ethnicity 
19. Emigration, the Italian Family, and Changing Roles … p. 273 
by Leo Cellini, McMaster University 

20. Family and Kin Cohesion among 
South Italian Immigrants in Toronto … p. 288 
by Franc Sturino, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education 

21. Women of Old Town … p. 312 
by Arlene Mancuso, Fordham University 

22. Italian Immigrant Women in the Southwest … p. 324 
by Phylis Cancilla Martinelli, Arizona State University 

PART V - Images of Italian Women in the Arts 
23. The Italian Immigrant Woman in American Literature … p. 341 
by Rose Basile Green, Cabrini College 

24. Pasta or Paradigm: The Place of Italian-American Women 
in Popular Film … p. 350 
by Daniel Golden, State University College, Buffalo 

25. Women in the Italian-American Theatre 
of the Nineteenth Century … p. 358 
by Emilese Aleandri, City University of New York 

26. Selected Poems … p. 370 
by Pier Giorgio Di Cicco, Rosario d' Agostino, Mary Di Michele