The United States and Italy: The First Two Hundred Years

The United States and Italy: The First Two Hundred Years 
Humbert S. Nelli, ed. 

Conference Volume 9. 1976. The United States and Italy: The First Two Hundred Years. Humbert S. Nelli, ed. 1977. 242 pp. Georgetown University, Washington, DC. October 8-10, 1976. 

Table of Contents 

Introduction by Luciano J. Iorizzo, President, AIHA ... p. vii 
Preface by Humbert S. Nelli, Program Chairperson ... p. ix 

1. The American Revolution and the Italian Risorgimento … p. 1 
Philip Mazzei and the American Revolution … p. 3 
by Margherita Marchione, Farleigh Dickinson University 

The Advent of Total War, 1775-1915: 
A Case of Italy and the United States … p. 13 
by Raimondo Luraghi, Universita degli studi di Genova 

Nineteenth Century Italian Radicals and 
the American Republic: a Study in Ambivalence … p. 29 
by Clara M. Lovett, Baruch College, CUNY 

Mazzini's Image of America … p. 39 
by Emilia Morelli, Universita degli studi di Roma 

2. The Perception of America in 
Italian Consciousiness, 1776-1865 … p. 47 
The Perception of America in Italian Consciousiness, 1776-1865 …p. 49 
by Giorgio Spini, Universita degli studi di Firenze 

3. Relations Between the United States and Italy 
in the Twentieth Century … p. 61 
Wilsonian Propaganda and Italian Politics During 
the First World War, 1917-1919: Data and Hypotheses … p. 63 
by Louis John Nigro, Stanford University 

American Isolationism and Political 
Intervention in Italy, 1943-1945 … p. 81 
by Elena Aga-Rossi Sitzia, Universita degli studi di Padova 

The Italian-Americans and American Foreign Policy 
from World War II to the Cold War (1940-1948) … p. 92 
by Ennio Di Nolfo, Universita degli studi di Padova 

Italian Americans and U.S. Relations with Italy in the Cold War … p. 108 
by Ernest E. Rossi, Western Michigan University 

4. The Process of Migration, Settlement and Repatriation … p. 131 
The Impact of Emigration on Italian Public Opinion and Politics … p. 133 
by Alberto Aquarone, Universita degli studi di Roma 

Italian Immigrant Settlement and Repatriation … p. 147 
by Anna Maria Martellone, Universita degli studi di Firenze 

Italian Settlement in American Cities … p. 154 
by Betty Boyd Caroli, Kingsborough Community College, CUNY 

The Rural and Small-town Experience: with Commentary on 
Italians in Southern Appalachia, 1900-1920 … p. 162 
by Margaret R. Wolfe, East Tennessee State University 

The Experience of the Returned Emigrants … p 172 
by Francesco P. Cerase, Universita degli studi di Roma 

5. The Family in Southern Italy and 
Among Italian Americans … p. 183 
The Family in Southern Italy: Yesterday and Today … p. 185 
by Leonard W. Moss, Wayne State University 

Familialism in the South of Italy and in the United States …p. 192 
by Francis A. J. Ianni, Teachers College, Columbia University 

Conventional Wisdom and the Ethnography 
of the Italian American Home … p. 198 
by Richard N. Juliani, Temple University 

The Southern Italian Immigrant Family in the United States … p. 200 
by Valentine Rossilli Winsey, Pace University 

6. The Cultural and Intellectual Experience 
of Italian Americans … p. 207 
American Artists of Italian Origin … p. 209 
by Jerre Mangione, University of Pennsylvania 

Remarks on the Cultural and Intellectual Experience 
of American Italians … p. 215 
by Robert J. Di Pietro, Georgetown University 

7. Italian Americans in the America of the 1970s … p. 223 
A Psychological Commentary on Italian-Americans … p. 225 
by Arcangelo R.T. D’Amore, M.D., Washington D.C. 

The Boston Italian-American Community … p. 228 
by Spencer DiScala, University of Massachusetts/Boston 

Italian Americans in the America of the Seventies: 
Retrospect and Prospect … p. 237 
by Patrick J. Gallo, State University of New York College at Purchase