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President's Perspective

Alan J. Gravano, PhD

Dear IASA Colleagues,

I am pleased to inform everyone that our 2016 conference in Long Beach, California was an overwhelming success. I want to thank the Executive Director of the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles, Marianna Gatto for hosting our reception Saturday night and showcasing an amazing  permanent collection. I would like to thank John Viola, President of NIAF for supporting the reception at IAMLA. 

Next, I want to thank our two Keynote speakers, Louisa Ermelino and Pasquale Verdicchio, for their insightful perspectives on Thursday and Friday night respectively. 

Finally, I wish to thank The George L. Graziado Chair of Italian Studies at California State University, Long Beach, Clorinda Donato. Without the support of her graduate students and her leadership, the 2016 conference would not have been as successful. She managed to secure sponsorship for the opening reception on Thursday night, which included a buffet dinner. Then coffee, juice, and pastries were laid out both Friday and Saturday morning by her dedicated and hard working graduate students. I would like to thank two in particular: Jennifer and Manny. You worked tirelessly for three days. On Saturday, box lunches were also provided and enjoyed by all including several of our vegan members. 

Although I was unable to attend, I want to thank Luisa Del Giudice for taking the lead on the Italian Los Angeles Tour, which I heard from those who attended was extraordinary. 

2017 represents the 50 year anniversary of the founding of the American Italian Historical Association, which is now the Italian American Studies Association. The IASA conference will be held in Washington, DC in conjunction with NIAF October 12-14. Finally, our 2018 conference will be at Loyola University Chicago. I hope to see everyone at both.  

Thank you, 

Alan Gravano, President

Italian American Studies Association