American Italian Historical Association Conference Proceedings

Volume 1: Ethnicity in American Political Life: The Italian-American Experience (1968)

Volume 1: Ethnicity in American Political Life: The Italian-American Experience (1968) Book Scan

Volume 2: The Italian American Novel (1969)

Volume 3: An Inquiry into Organized Crime (1970)

Volume 3: An Inquiry into Organized Crime (1970) Book Scan

Volume 4: Power and Class: The Italian-American Experience Today (1971)

Volume 5: Italian American Radicalism: Old World and New World Developments (1972)

Volume 6: Religious Experience of Italian Americans (1973) Book Scan

Volume 6: Religious Experience of Italian Americans (1973)

Volume 7: The Interaction of Italians and Jews in America (1974)

Volume 8: The Urban Experience of Italian-Americans (1975)

Volume 9: The United States and Italy: The First Two Hundred Years (1976)

Volume 10: The Italian Immigrant Woman in North America (1977)

Volume 11: Pane e Lavoro: The Italian-American Working Class (1978)

Volume 12: Italian Americans in the Profession (1979)

Volume 13: The Family and Community Life of Italian Americans (1980)

Volume 14: Italian Americans in Rural and Small Town America (1981)

Volume 15: The Italian Americans Through the Generations (1982)

Volume 16: The Interaction of Italian and Irish in the United States (1983)

Volume 17: Support and Struggle: Italians and Italian Americans in a Comparative Perspective (1984) Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4

Volume 18: The Melting Pot and Beyond: Italian Americans in the Year 2000 (1985)

Volume 19: Italian Americans: The Search for a Usable Past (1986)

Volume 20: Italian Ethnics: Their Languages, Literature, and Lives (1987)

Volume 21: Italian Americans in Transition (1988)

Volume 22: Italian Americans Celebrate Life: The Arts and Popular Culture (1989)

Volume 23: To See the Past More Clearly: The Enrichment of the Italian Heritage 1890-1990 (1990)

Volume 24: Italian Americans and Their Public and Private Life (1991)

Volume 25: New Explorations in Italian American Studies (1992)

Volume 26: Italian Americans in a Multicultural Society (1993)

Volume 27: Through the Looking Glass: Images of Italians and Italian Americans in the Media (1994)

Volume 28: Industry, Technology, Labor, and the Italian American Communities (1995)

Volume 29: Al Tavola: Food Tradition and Community Among Italian Americans (1996)

Volume 30: Shades of Black and White: Conflict and Collaboration between Two Communities (1997)

Volume 31: Italian American Politics: Local, Global/Cultural, Personal (1998)

Volume 32: Italian Americans: A Retrospective on the Twentieth Century (1999)

Volume 33: Greece and Italy: Ancient Roots and New Beginnings (2000)

Volume 35: The Impact of World War II on Italian Americans (2002)

Volume 36: Italian Americans and the Arts and Culture (2003)

Volume 37: Italian Americans Before Mass Migration: We've Always Been Here (2004)

Volume 38: Oral History, Oral Culture, and Italian Americans (2005) (Copyright Protected)

Volume 39: Italian Americans in the Third Millennium: Social Histories and Cultural Representation (2006)

Volume 40: Italian Passages: Making and Thinking History (2007)

Volume 41: Small Towns, Big Cities: The Urban Experience of Italian Americans (2008)

Volume 42: Southern Exposures: Locations and Relocations of Italian Culture (2009)

What is Italian America? Selected Essays from the Italian American Studies Association (2010, 11, & 12)

Theorizing the Italian Diaspora: Selected Essays (2017)