Hit Refresh: Italian American Imagery in Mass Media – Round Table in San Francisco
12 Jan 2016 by Robert Oppedisano


Hit Refresh: Italian American Imagery in Mass Media – Round Table

Sunday, February 21, 2016 – 4:30pm @ The Museo Italoamericano, San Francisco

This roundtable discussion by leading California scholars in Italian American cinema and culture will cover some of the following questions related to Italian American media, representation, and history. What is the role of film and mass media in the constant reconstruction or refreshing of Italian and Italian American iconic images?

What influences do such recurrent images on TV, film, the Internet, and elsewhere have? Can we consider popular images of Italian ethnicity as more than just “negative portrayals” or “positive portrayals”? Why should scholars study such popular depictions?

The speakers will be:

Dr. Pasquale Verdicchio, Professor of Italian and Comparative Literature, UC, San Diego

Dr. Laura Ruberto, Humanities Professor, Co-Chair Arts and Cultural Studies Department, Berkeley City College

Dr. Evelyn Ferraro, Lecturer, Italian, Modern Languages, and Literatures, Santa Clara University


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